Pat Stokes Award

The Pat Stokes Award is named in memory of League member Pat Stokes who passed away in December 1995. The award is presented annually to an outstanding League Chairperson for her contributions to the League and our mission to serve the community.

Past Recipients

 1996-1997  JoAlice Welton
 1997-1998  Tracy Sardelli
 1998-1999  Kris Wilson
 1999-2000  Ellen Crone
 2000-2001  Jill Willis
 2001-2002  Tracey Hill
 2002-2003  Lynn Shipes
 2003-2004  Mary Sassano
 2004-2005  Heather Welch
 2005-2006  Lisa Thompson
 2006-2007  Kristi Carey
 2007-2008  Lisa Winton
 2008-2009  Kimberly Davis
 2009-2010  Angie Williams
 2010-2011  Suzy Driskill
 2011-2012  Peggy Armstrong
 2012-2013  Shelley Mason
 2013-2014  Alex Klein
 2014-2015  Molly Stone
 2015-2016  Chrissy Reddick
 2016-2017  Andrea Klockow