September 2019 Newsletter: The Best Gifts Come in Small Packages

The Best Gifts Come in Small Packagesby Susan Longmire

As I was lounging around my pool this Labor Day weekend, engrossed in a book while taking a few sips, my husband brings me an Amazon package and declares “Happy Birthday!” Confused, I give him that look – you all know, like what?!

He is already aware that many Amazon packages show up on our doorstep – mostly for me, of course, and assuming I had ordered another amazing piece of Loren Hope jewelry, he figured he could claim that as his present to me for my birthday next April.

He watched as I opened the box. We both were totally surprised to see what was inside.

It took a minute to register and then I realized, it was the FIRST donation for this years’ JLGNF’s Period Pack Pantry – a box of Tampax.

The look on my husband’s face got me giggling out of control. I told him about our initiative and his first question was, “is all that STUFF going to come here?”

Being the great (and very patient, married to me and all) guy he is, he assured me that future packages would be routinely brought to the designated space in our house. Looks like this is a win-win for me – supporting for JLGNF’s Period Pack Pantry and covering up for my own personal Amazon deliveries!

You too can send donations for JLGNF’s Period Pack Pantry by using this link.